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The Fountain of Cod

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Somewhere between crack and srs bzns exists the Fountain of Cod, a community where characters played everywhere, somewhere, nowhere, and on a whim can all interact in a variety of unusual situations, and where their players can hold discussions and have fun in a friendly environment for everyone.

FoC = NOT OFFICIALLY AFFILIATED WITH ANY OTHER ROLEPLAYING-TYPE COMMUNITIES. A lot of us are from damned, true, but anyone else is welcome too. Honest. :) Just have fun, try the No punch, and don't diss the odd fountain in the shape of a fish.
I) 'Parties' are typically prose. IC memes are typically 'comment-spam.' OOC memes are... whatever they want to be. Obviously nobody's forcing you write well here, but at least try, yes?

2) There must be a three-day wait between each interactive post (as in, between each meme/meme or meme/party). Prose-based 'parties' or events, however, need to have at least a week between them (although there can still be a IC or OOC meme during that time, so long as the three day wait is adhered to as well).

C) See here for more info, go crazy, and just don't be lame!*

*For clarification, lame = wanking, godmodding, and other activities which cause distress amongst other players.
THE FIRST ONE: In which people are fascinated by a fountain of glittering fishy glory and the punch makes them truthful.
THE CASINO: RETURN OF THE COD and rather... lyrical... punchiness.
THE BEACH: Sunburns and inappropriate swimsuits; people lose inhibitions once the punch hits their system.
SLUMBER PARTY: Pajamas! Snacks! ...The Cod Fountain!

Layout code is from refuted.
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