Scott Pilgrim (vsyourface) wrote in fountainofcod,
Scott Pilgrim

The Bothering Meme

Here's a simple, old-fashioned, home-grown meme, with none o' them fancy RNGs or colourful fonts. You kids today and your mystery teas and your IC/OOC and your hula hoops and your PlayStation 3's... Where was I? Oh yes.

Simple rules are simple:
  • Post your character with their name and canon in the subject line.
  • Other characters will post to yours. By way of cod magic, they will feel the urge to bother/annoy/harass/irritate your character in whatever way would be the most IC for them. Whether this is conscious or unconscious is up to the player.
  • If your character tries to escape or protest, the other character will find ways to follow them and keep up the annoyance until they've had their fill.
  • Your character is probably annoyed now. Have fun. =)

Commentspam or action tags are fine. Prose is fine too if you really want it.
Tags: ic meme
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