Kitty Nakoji (kitty_nakoji) wrote in fountainofcod,
Kitty Nakoji


You know what time it is? It's time for a


What does that mean? That means whatever the fuck you want it to be! You want to just mess around with your characters? Chat up some strangers? Go for it. Prose or action tags? Bitch, it's a free meme. It's up to you. You want to use a setting from a past meme? Why the fuck not?! You want to make up your own setting? Didn't get to thread something you wanted to before? Just drop in your character, put in a prompt if you wanna, and blast off!


Bitch, it's a free meme. Who cares about rules?
[Okay, requisite have fun and don't be lame. If things get a little too adult, put a warning in the subject line. If you're doing a past meme, maybe you want to link to it in your post so people know what's up.

Also remember that no one likes it when you shoot a panda. That's unethical.]
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