Kitty Nakoji (kitty_nakoji) wrote in fountainofcod,
Kitty Nakoji

A Fist Full of Paintballs

It's dark when you wake up, the only light-sources being the dim florescent blubs overhead and sunlight occasionally piercing through dusty blinds. The sound of chatter, hoots and hollers, laughter, and old-timey piano music fills your ears. While your mind might assume you've been transported into a cowboy saloon, on closer inspection, you will be happy to note it is only a poorly lit school cafeteria that has been decorated to look like a saloon. Asking around the locals of this "bar" result in interesting tidbits of information:

*The Saloon is a safe area. No harm will come to you in this room.

*If you want to leave the area, take a gun. Mr. Hawthorne, the owner of this saloon, will give you one in return that you keep an eye out for those on the bounty list.

*Once you're out of here, trust no one. Only the last man standing can get the prize.

*What's the prize? Search into your mind and find your wildest dreams. That is your prize.

*It's actually $100,000.

That's really all you need to know. Roam the halls of this trashed, apocalyptic school, form alliances, hide, set traps, do whatever it is you will. After all, you're at a community college, baby.

This is Paintball Assassin.

[RULES: If you get paint on you, you're out. Do you die? Psh. No, you don't die, you big baby. You just have to leave the school grounds and watch with the rest of the losers. You also don't get the prize, so I suggest you be crafty as hell.

Try not to abuse powers, man. You're in a school. Besides, you're here to get paint on each other, not kill each other.

As for that bounty list? Go here and randomize a number between 1 and 20. If your number is over 18, you're on the bounty list. People will be after you. You should be crafty as hell x2.

Also: Have fun and don't be lame.]
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